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Below you’ll find what some of our patients are saying about us. We would also love to hear what you have to say! If you would like to submit a testimonial of your own please contact us today!

I was diagnosed with Obstructed Sleep Apnea. My Doctor wanted me to wear a C-PAP machine on my face all night so that I would get enough air in my body. I HATED that machine and slept worse. Not to mention being single and not a very convenient apparatus. I heard about a dentist in Corona del Mar who worked with Sleep Doctors that made an appliance that would open my airway so I could breath! I had my doubts about the appliance at first, But for me after the first night of using it. I woke up feeling more rested than I thought possible, not even needing my coffee! I used to constantly wake up tossing & turning looking at the alarm clock and upset that I was always tired. My only regret, is not doing this SOONER!! Thank you so much.


“Thank you for your faithful and tender care. My crown is just great! Comfortable and as natural as can be! See you soon for Marita’s x-rays!”


“Thank you so very much for your kind treatment and special consideration for my friend. It’s very hard to ask for help sometimes but it’s so nice to know that there are special people like you willing to help when necessary. Your kindness will never be forgotten!”


“I want to thank all of you for being so wonderful earlier this week. Your patience and help was greatly appreciated. And, the fact that Jeffrey say by himself was astounding. I appreciated the excellent cleaning job (as always Gemma) and the inordinate amount of flexibility shown by all.”


“Thanks for being so understanding and nice to a big baby!”


“Thanks for making our smiles even brighter.”


“I’m a sometimes ‘Nervous Nellie’ when it comes to dentist visits. (You can tell the way I sometimes procrastinate setting appointments!) I must tell you though that you and your staff always make me feel that I’m in the utmost of professional and caring hands. True quality seems rare, but it is never scarce when it comes time for my appointments with your office. I also really appreciate the time you spend with me both explaining your dental procedures and catching up with my home and business life. You and your staff make me (and my family who visits you also) feel valued as a person, and never like just another business deal to be hurried through. Continued best wishes to you all and-I must say once again-love your new remodeled office! PS – Tell Gemma I’ll floss more regularly.”


“Thank you so for going out of your way to work me into your busy day a few weeks ago. Everyone there is so great and made me feel so much as ease. Thanks again to each of you.”


“Thanks for putting up with such “a baby” and doing such a nice job!”


I am fifty-six years old. I was ashamed to smile. After going from one dentist to the next and getting horrible results, my sister suggested her dentist…Dr. Barbara Mallonee. After getting bond veneers and porcelain crowns my teeth look absolutely beautiful. I am “ultra-proud” of my new, dazzling smile. Dr Mallonee’s office is clean, beautiful, and spacious. Her dental equipment is state-of-the-art. Dr. Mallonee is warm, friendly, and caring. Her staff is wonderful as well. I finally found a dentist that I can totally trust! 100% pleased.


Thank you so much for my new teeth! I absolutely LOVE them! I have enjoyed my relationship with all of your staff. You are all very nice and I appreciate your friendliness. Thanks again for my beautiful new teeth!

I had undiagnosed sleep apnea for years that affected my ability to get a full night’s rest. After I got my Somnomed I have noticed a drastic increase in my overall sleep and feeling of rest in just a few weeks. It’s comfortable to wear and easy to use. I highly recommend the appliance, especially to avoid the CPAP.
Dear Dr. Mallonee and Staff,


The appliance has changed my life for the better. Because of snoring and grinding teeth, I would wake up 2 or 3 times a night. Now, I sleep through the night and get up rested to start the day. Thank you!

I want to add that I do not have, or do I need an appliance, but thanks to my husband for wearing his every night, we both have the same positive effect from the appliance. It really is a two for one!! Thank you from me too!

Tom & Nancy
Being a new patient with Dr. Mallonee, I was very pleased with my entire experience from beginning to end. My pet peeve is being on time for my scheduled appointment with a doctor and having to wait. I have never had to wait for an appointment with Dr. mallonee and in fact when I arrived a few minutes early, I have been taken right in!


When I went in for my first consultation I was taken into a consultation room. There are so many diplomas and certificates of completion in so many different categories of dentistry. She is probably the most qualified dentist I have ever gone to.

The work that Dr. Mallonee did to restore my teeth was simply fantastic. I am a grinder and was unaware from my prior dentist just how much I had lost from my grinding. Dr. Mallonee restored my teeth and shaped them to make them look so beautiful. They make me smile. It is amazing how your smile can have such an effect on your self esteem but it really does. I feel so much more confident….at 62!

The office staff is so friendly and competent. They told me just what to expect from my insurance company for payment and what my responsibility would be.

Overall my experience with Dr. Mallonee and her staff has been excellent. I think anyone would be fortunate to have her for their dentist.


Great first visit. Office was attractive and staff pleasant

This was my first visit to the office. I was completely satisfied with my dental experience.
Love the comfy blankets while sitting in the chair. My teeth feel and look great. Dr mallonee, Gina and Paula are the best! Always treat me like #1 customer.
My husband and I were thoroughly impressed by the professionalism, knowledge, and concern shown by all members of Dr. Mallonee’s staff. We were provided superior preventative care, consultation, and recommendations for improving overall dental health. A fantastic office and fantastic staff.
Aaron & Alisha
An outstanding experience from entering the office to having all of my dental procedures done with professionalism, care and understanding makes it a pleasure to come to Dr Mallonee’s office.

Unfortunately, I have been to many dentists over the years. I relocated to Newport Beach had the good fortune of being referred to Dr. Mallonee by four different close friends. Her level of service, attention to detail, and professionalism is unsurpassed. If your looking for perfection and a painless dental visit look no further. Also her staff is upbeat, friendly, and always helpful.

The whole dental experience is so pain free and gentle that I don’t mind going at all. I feel that everything the office does is very progressive and that my mouth is going to be kept in the best shape possible because of them.

love it,everyone is so nice.


The whole staff is happy and a pleasure to come see. Thanks


Nice to find an office that is state of the art in terms of technology and service!


I felt welcomed and cared for. The staff made me feel comfortable. Dr. Mallonee discussed my treatment very well and I’m looking forward to my return visit.


I had a great first experience! No pain and my smile looks phenomenal.


I love my smile, nobody cant tell i have restoration. Sometimes I cant even tell myself. You guys ars great. Dr Malllone, you the God of all Cosmetic Dentist. Thanks for ytaking care of me all these years


Educational,professional and very unique. I have never had fun in a dental/medical office before. Until today I never looked forward to returning to a dentist office. I do.


Thank you Dr. Mallonee for being my trusted dentist for the past 15 years. I am always confident that you give me the best care and know you are a master dentist, meticulous, and an artist all at the same time! As always, no pain during any part of the procedure or afterward!


The experience is very professional and personable.

Barbara Mallonee DDS, Inc.
2121 E. Coast Highway, #140
Corona del Mar, California 92625

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