Your Child’s First Dentist: Choosing the Best Corona Del Mar Pediatric Dentist

Children appear to have some natural-born fear of the dentist, but in reality, it’s due to television influence, and the fact that 36% of American adults are afraid of the dentist. Children shouldn’t be afraid; it sets them up for poor oral hygiene in the future, and making excuses for ignoring their dental health when they need attention the most.

Ease Them Into Oral Health

Children love routine, whether or not it seems that way in the beginning. When your child sees you doing something, they want to do it too. Make it a morning (and evening) routine to brush your teeth with your little one. They’ll pick up on it, learn the proper habits from you, and they’ll be no stranger to their dentist checking their teeth. We constantly tell children not to put things in their mouth, which comes across very backwards when their pediatric dentist in Corona Del Mar, CA takes a look at their growing teeth on the first checkup.

Rid Anxiety Before It Begins

Think about the first time you got a haircut. Did your mother or father cut some of their own hair first? It’s the same thing. They need to see you doing it before they’re going to feel comfortable. That goes from brushing all the way down to your own dental visit. Bring them along, have someone come with you and hold them and watch. When they see that everything is okay, they’ll be more eased into the entire process.

The Best Dentist Will Help

When you’ve eased them into the world of oral hygiene, the next step is selecting the right dentist that’s going to reaffirm the positivity and necessity behind properly caring for your teeth. Your children need someone that they can trust. Kids make up their mind immediately if they can trust someone or not, and that will play into keeping their oral care out in the open for discussion.

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Featured on our website, you can select the $99 family dental package to enhance your dental care both financially, and sign up the entire family for treatment from the same office. Having a proper dental history starts with choosing a lifelong family dentist, and seeing the best general dentist that Corona Del Mar has to offer is how to get the ball rolling.