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Payment Options

We are pleased to offer Dental Financing to our patients. Fast, convenient, no down payment, low monthly payment and even Interest-Free plans for dental treatments of $1,500 to $25,000. Offering the following financial options allows us to make the smile you’ve always wanted affordable.

Financial considerations should not be an obstacle to obtaining medical care. Payment options are available to assist you in fulfilling your financial obligations:

  1. Payment at time of service
  2. Monthly payment plans: Care Credit offers 12 month NO INTEREST financing for approved applicants. There are no hidden fees.
  3. Prepayment courtesy: A 5% accounting discount for all treatment over $600 that is paid in full by cash or check BEFORE the start of treatment. If you have insurance, since you have prepaid, the benefits will be sent directly to you from you insurance company.

You will be asked to sign this policy signifying your acknowledgment of and agreement to our financial policies before dental services at Barbara Mallonee, DDS are rendered.

We Also Offer Preferred Membership!

What is it?

Preferred Membership is an annual prepaid savings program for routine dental care that also offers an extra 10% discount on other treatment during that year. The program is a way to receive a savings on quality dental care without annual maximums, pre-determinations, exclusions or waiting periods.

How does it work?

Pre-pay for your annual x-rays/exam and hygiene visits and receive significant savings of 20%! The program lasts for 1 year and program members also receive 10% off treatment, including fillings, crowns, bleaching, and other cosmetic procedures. An annual program starts at $396 and is tailored for your Optimal Dental Health. We have plans available for those that have prescriptions for 3 and 4 hygiene visits per year, (including periodontal maintenance) visits as well. If during the year, other treatment is needed, the member will receive 10% off that fee. Want a new smile makeover with veneers? You will receive 10% off that smile makeover. Want to whiten your smile? 10% off whitening.

Can I be a member if I already have dental insurance?

Yes, we just have to submit your paper work to the insurance company at the reduced fee. Do I need to keep my insurance with this program? We can’t answer that for you as every situation is different. With that in mind its worth considering how dental insurance works. Dental insurance does a decent job covering routine hygiene visits and an occasional restoration. It does a bad job, covering big ticket items. This is because dental insurance is capped on an annual level; this cap is usually from $750-1500 per year. In addition to the annual cap, the carrier will set a minimum fee for services rendered and only pay a percentage of that fee. It often requires significant personal investment in addition to cost of premiums, just to meet the annual maximum.

How is the Preferred Membership Different than my dental insurance?

Preferred Membership gives you freedom to choose the type of care you wish to have without a third party “Approving” or “Denying” your choices. The dollars you spend for dental care go only towards your dental care.

We are offering the Preferred Membership to all current and new patients. The cost will include dental hygiene visits, exams, maintenance x-rays, PLUS 10% savings on dental procedures for the next 1 year! With your membership there are no claim forms, no deductibles and no waiting periods!

We look forward to caring for your dental needs.